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Brian Two, Presentation Coach

Brian Two, Presentation Coach

Having worked professionally in many aspects of public performance over the past nineteen years, Brian is able to pass on techniques which allow you to deliver a polished and professional performance in your speeches and presentations.

Whether you are going to be the best man at a wedding and are in the spotlight for that one big speech, or whether presentations are part of your job, he can help you to connect with your audience and get the best from your delivery. Sessions are often delivered on a one-to-one basis in a pressure free environment.


“Brian is a fantastic and versatile workshop leader, he has led a variety of workshops for us at the theatre to both children and adults, delivering highly engaging, fun and creative sessions, always working to ensure that all participants have the best time possible. Brian always comes well prepared to deliver sessions and is always interested to hear feedback from participants. I would highly recommend Brian as a workshop leader and trainer”

Rachael Hutchinson, Creative Learning Manager, Milton Keynes Theatre 2015





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